SDX Session (Customer Support): Check Your Tone and Sound Profesh to Def

Katherine McCarthy, Ipsy Room 329, 9:00-1:00 After you've figured out "what" to say to your customers, you have to decide "how" to say it. Do you want to sound friendly or formal, snarky or sincere, dorky or debonair? The tone or attitude you communicate in between the lines is just as important as what you write in black and white, and it can make the difference between a successful, cohesive customer experience and a disjointed, disappointing one. Defining and unifying your voice is even more important when the "you" amounts to several or many people in one support team, all speaking from the same umbrella identity. This workshop will help you learn how to 1) define your support voice, 2) develop a guide, and 3) reinforce it across multiple speakers. Your support messaging will become more profesh, recognizable, and more "you" as a result!