SDX Session (Self Development): Keeping Support Sane! How to Make it as a Junior Support Engineer without Burning Out

Katelyn Hertel, Fastly Room 327, 2:30-3:00

Description: It's incredibly hard to make it as a Junior Support Engineer or someone just entering into the tech world. It can be overwhelming, daunting, and could lead to burnout quickly. That's what happened to me!

In this talk, I'll walk through my story and what happened during my first job in NYC, how I burnt out quickly, and what I did to try to fix it. I'll discuss some of the self care tips I used and how they helped me adjust and ultimately love my job. We'll talk about how I learned to ask for advice, manage time better, speak up when something doesn't feel right, take care of myself better, and set goals, among others. Taking on a support role doesn't need to be overwhelming and scary and it does get better; it got better for me and hopefully my story can help you in your support journey!
Category: Self Development