SDX Session (Technical): Prove It: Clear Communication With Data

Ben McCormack, FullStroy

Room 328, 9-10am

Do you need help convincing leadership to make a new hire? Would you like your company to focus more on improving the customer experience? Do you want to lead through clear and effective communication? In this workshop, we'll go over the basics of data modeling as it ties specifically to support. We'll set up a spreadsheet, experiment with inputs and outputs, and ultimately deliver a presentation that you can use as the basis for a meeting with key stakeholders at your company. The demo will apply to capacity planning (hiring) and improving the customer experience, but the skills you learn will be applicable in any situation where data can tell a story. This workshop isn't just for managers. Understanding how to model data is a great way for an individual contributor to demonstrate leadership skills and influence the direction of support. Ben McCormack is the former support team manager at Trello and current Hugger in Support at FullStory. He'll use his experience in capacity planning at both Trello and FullStory to teach you how to clearly communicate with data at your company.