SDX Session (Customer Support): World-building for better self-service

Kelly O'Brien, Kayako Room 323, 1:00-1:00 Your self-service lives or dies on whether your customers are engaging with your content. When your customers land on your support docs, they should immediately sense that you know where they're coming from and what they need. One of the best ways to create this connection is to dabble in a little professional world-building. By fabricating a small cast of fictional customers to star in your user docs, you can deliver much more powerful self-service experiences. User personas have been stock-in-trade for growth teams and information architects for ages. But for self-service, we take it further. Fleshing out those customer personas into individual characters, whose struggles and successes we can use to illustrate our docs, delivers a ton of value: - Personal anecdotes and examples, even if they're made up, are way more likely to engage and inform your readers than faceless feature descriptions or abstract use case explanations. - Writing about fictional representations of your customers means you're constantly thinking about your actual customers, and what they need from your docs/products/services. - Tailoring your docs for your core customers also lets you align your self-service with your company's broader messaging, creating a more seamless customer experience. This workshop will guide you, hands-on, through the process of developing a cast of fictional customers and the world they inhabit. We'll also look at specific examples of how to use these personas to make your support docs more engaging, more informative, and ultimately more successful.