SDX Session (Manager): Managing like a support agent

Brittany Bishop, Animoto Room 327, 10:30-11:00 Being a manager is crazy hard! Most new support managers are promoted to the role because they are excelling at their own career in support, but we have little to no experience managing a team. We've all got awesome customer support skills like empathy, problem solving, and improvisation skills, but how do we teach others to use those skills and how do we use those skills in our new role? This talk is about how to use your ninja customer support skills and leverage them as management tools. Highlights include turn your no's into a yes, and using your listening skills to empower your team to solve problems on their own. I'll use some of my own experiences on two different teams to highlight how I've re-wired my support skills to work for me as a manager and share stories about a few of my manager friends as well.