Registration and wristbands

Registration options:

  • Register early at the Welcome Party at Airbnb on Wednesday night

  • Register in the main arena at Viking Pavilion between 8 and 9 am on Thursday June 21

At the venue, registration will be at the Support Driven table in the arena floor. Look for the Support Driven banners. Volunteers at the registration table will check your name on the registration list and provide you with your Expo wristband.

Wristbands will be reversible to indicate whether you’re feeling social or need some quiet time. When you’d like to talk to others, flip your wristband so that the color shows. When you’d like some quiet time and don’t want to be approached for conversations, flip your wristband to grey.

Before initiating a conversation, please check an attendee’s wristband before approaching to respect their current interaction state. If it’s grey, look for that person again later when they’re ready to talk.

The wristbands will come in three colors: blue for attendees, red for speakers, and yellow for helpers who have Expo answers:

  • Blue: Attendee

  • Red: Speaker

  • Yellow: Expo Guide – I can help!

If you have a question about Expo (Where’s the restroom? How do I get the app?), find an Expo Guide with a yellow wristband and they’ll be able to help. Speakers will wear red wristbands for easy identification at the Meet the Speaker session at 4:30 pm each day.