Where to eat in Portland - our favorites

General Recommendations Biwa, LIttle Bird, Sizzle Pie, Toro Bravo, Navarre, ScreenDoor, Blue Star Donuts, Salt and Straw, Pok Pok, The Standard, Jackrabbit

Healthy Food Options

  • Prasad
  • Harlow (sister restaurant to Prasad, on Hawthorne)
  • Bye & Bye / Sweet Hereafter (sister vegan bars, medium on the healthy front but excellent on quality/atmosphere)
  • Harvest at the Bindery
  • Back to Eden
  • Vita Cafe
  • Canteen
  • Rabbits Cafe
  • Sudra (sister restaurants, one downtown and one in inner NE),
  • Wolf and Bear's
  • Native Bowl.
  • Thrive is supposed to be good as well, but it's out of the way and not extremely veggie (http://www.thrivesauceandbowls.com/, plenty of options though).
  • Cafe Yum