SDX Session (Technical): A glimpse into AWS

Andrew Goetz, MemSQL
Room 294, 11:00-12:00 Description: We hear about it all the time. AWS this, AWS that, but what IS this AWS thing all about? In this workshop we will go over what Amazon Web Services are, why it is so common place in todays tech world, and how you or your customers might be using it. But most importantly, we will use it ourselves by exploring some of the common services, spinning up our own cloud machines, and hosting our own simple website.

Category: Technical
Pre-Recs: None
Before this workshop, please: Sign up for an Amazon AWS account and create their private key for ssh access. (this involves adding a credit card, but we will be using only "free tier" could machines, so no one will be charged). They also will need a terminal application on their laptop.
Please bring to the workshop: Laptop