Career UnConference at the Career Fair

We’re excited to offer both a Career Fair and a Career UnConference in the afternoon of each day at Expo. From seasoned support veterans to newcomers just checking support out, everyone will have a chance to find their dream job at the Expo Career Fair. Top companies will be on site to chat about what life is like on some of the best customer support teams in the world, like Abstract, Airbnb, Automattic, MailChimp, PDX Women in Tech, and Zapier.

The Support Driven Community values your voice and wants to create the opportunity to dig into conversations on the topics relevant to our lived experiences, especially as they relate to career growth and diversity, equity, and inclusion. UnConference sessions will happen during the Career Fair in the afternoon on each day of Expo (the sessions are listed in the app and in the Day One and Day Two schedules. The sessions are mildly structured small group discussions on:

• Creating a new career in support
• Women working in the support world
• Getting started in support management
• Being a person of color in tech
• Building and leading support organizations
• Being LGBTQ in the field of support

Each session has a designated topic, such as “Women working in the support field.” Expo attendees will, in advance, propose discussion questions related to that primary topic, such as “what policies and practices best support the long-term career growth of women in support?”

We encourage all interested community members to submit Discussion Questions in advance of the Support Driven Expo. Questions are due by 11:59pm Eastern on Tuesday, June 19. Please – submit your questions by joining the UnConference Trello board at

At Expo, help us determine what is most important to discuss. Stop by the Support Driven booth (near registration) to vote on the discussion questions before 11am each day. The top 3-6 questions per topic will become the content for that session.

At the beginning of each UnConference session, you will self-divide into groups of 7 or less, based on the discussion questions. Once we have begun, you can choose to float from group to group to engage around different questions using the Law of 2 Feet: if you aren’t learning or contributing or having fun where you stand now, use your two feet and go somewhere where you can learn or contribute or have fun. UnConferences are very flexible :-).

One Volunteer Moderator will participate in each small group in order to promote safe, civic engagement. All participants are expected to adhere to the Support Driven Code of Conduct, as well as to be mindful to share “air-time” with other participants.