Support Bars at the Trade Show

Trade Show sponsors work with teams across the support industry and provide tools for knowledge management, quality assurance, helpdesks, and AI, just to name a few. Similar to Apple’s Genius bar, Support Bars at Expo will give you an opportunity to engage with experts from these companies outside of a sales context: sponsors are not there to close deals or deliver sales pitches, they are there to provide knowledge and insight. They see the various ways support departments approach specific problems, and have a broad perspective for helping Expo attendees figure out an approach for your own company. For example, Help Scout will have a support bar to answer questions about live chat best practices, Statuspage is offering incident response audits, and Freshdesk is offering help on how to build a team from scratch.

Many sponsors are providing the option to book times with them so that you can choose a time that works with your personal Expo schedule. Chat about: