SDX Session (Customer Support): How to reduce churn and make your customers loyal

Sukhpreet Anand, Kayako Room 327, 2:00-2:30 Many of the organizations want to reduce churn and want their customers' loyalty. Is this something which requires a rocket science study? No. We have dealt with so many customers who say, they want to leave Kayako, it isn't helpful for them anymore. However, after talking to them, understanding them, we can actually retain them. It just needs to know more about their workflow, their experiences and their expectations. Many a times, you need to act like a teacher, because its you who know much more about product rather than them. On another note, using right upselling techniques, you can turn your customers to be loyal. Customers always look up for effortless experience, which is only possible, when you think likewise and make their journey smooth.