SDX Session (Self Development): Finding the path to weathering the storm

Zach Bouzan-Kaloustian, Digital Ocean Room 323: 9:00-10:00 I believe that the key to success in a support career is being resilient, and that how you get there is first by being vulnerable. I want to run a workshop that provides my history of building resiliency mixed with a few interactive exercises that enable participants to open up. They will encounter some challenging questions and prompts, work through them in group settings, and have a chance to reflect on how it made them feel. By asking participants to face tough questions, they will learn their about physical and emotional triggers. Upon recognizing them, they'll be able to start developing ways to control their reaction, and be on the road to building resiliency. A few sample prompts to cover in a small group: - For 60 seconds, continually start and finish this sentence... "I work most effectively when....". This prompt helps people get uncomfortable and search inside themselves - Talking about Observations, Thoughts, Feelings, Wants related to a recent work experience. This helps you understand the difference between a thought and a feeling, with a framework on how to clearly express how you encounter a situation. - Break into groups of 3 and describe a work challenge that you're facing. Two people listen, provide feedback, coach, and help the person come up with a next-step for the situation to move towards a resolution.