SDX Session (Customer Support): "Support 100k+ users in in 150 countries, in 2 languages, from 5 locations? Sure, how hard can it be!"

Martin Kõiva, Pipedrive Ballroom 355, 2:30-3:00 Pipedrive has grown very rapidly as a company and so has our support. Support crew has grown from 7 to 70 (estimation by the time of the event), 2k tickets three years ago to 17k tickets monthly, 40 people to 300 people etc etc. I would tell the story of scaling a global support team in many locations, while managing other change (of tools, support strategy, supported languages, new offices) at the same time. It's been a hell of a ride. Besides the "wow what a story" section, an important part would be how we started look for ways to make the quality better, what the internal QA program looks like and why it's crucial for long term success.