SDX Session (Technical): Support engineering 201: Using the Help Scout API

Lyzi Diamond, Mapbox

One of the main challenges of support is defining and refining processes. Help desk software can help with this greatly, but even software involves a lot of manual work to keep processes flowing, whether it's assigning tickets, pulling metrics, or doing quality assurance. Fortunately, most help desk software programs offer APIs -- clear and structured methods for gathering raw data that you can then view and analyze. Being able to work with APIs effectively to streamline your workflows can help you and your team scale quickly, be more efficient, and dive into data in ways you had never before considered. "Support engineering 201: Using the Help Scout API" is meant to practice using some basic tools for support engineering. We will walk through what it means to practically make requests to APIs and handle responses, and then we will customize a script (in JavaScript) to make a request to the Help Scout API and gather informations. This workshop follows the "Support engineering 101" workshop in the morning, but the 101 is not necessary for folks who feel comfortable with API/web basics.