Lightning Talks

SUPCONF Spring 2017 Lighting talk meeting video.

How to practice with (in Google Slides) with 15 second auto-advancing slides:

  1. Go to File > Publish to the web
  2. Set the Auto-advance slides: option to 15 seconds, and then click Publish.
  3. Copy the link you're given, and paste in a new tab/browser.
  4. In the published presentation view, click the play button (should be in bottom left) to begin the timer to auto-advance slides ever 15 secs. Every time you hit pause, the timer should reset.

Auto-advancing in Keynote

  1. First, select all of the slides at once.
  2. Go to the "Inspector" floating window and select the icon at the top left, second from the left (its a rounded rectangle icon).
  3. Change "Start Transition" from "on click" to "automatically" and then set the delay to 15 seconds.

Now when you "play" the presentation, slides will change automatically