Demystify ROI calculations for your Support Community

Nikoletta Vecsei Harrold, Transamerica Room 3:28, 3:00-4:00 Support costs are skyrocketing in the tech industry because customer acquisition and expectations have gone through the roof. Basic Gartner and Forrester research shows that call center, chat and email support can be up to 100x costlier than web based self service support. Many companies are turning towards social customer care and support communities to ease their scalable growth pains. What if you are just starting out and need to convince your boss? If the community has been around for a long while, you have to prove it's value in measurable quantities if you want your community resources to grow, and be seen as a critical piece of the customer experience. This session will attempt to showcase a couple of simple ways to calculate ROI for Social Customer Care initiatives and Support communities. There are so many calculators out there that are overly complicated, or you might not have access to the right data to run them. The techniques you learn in this session will help convince your stakeholders and executive sponsors alike.