About Support Driven Expo 2018

Support Driven Expo brings together hundreds of people from the Support Driven community to share how we’re solving problems and moving the industry and our careers forward. We’re gathering some of the best folks in customer support to help you take the next step as a professional, leader, and in your career.

Support Driven Expo is for:

  • Support professionals looking to learn a new skill or develop an existing one.Learn best practices, from essential support skills to working with data, and everything in between.

  • Leaders of support teams and departments motivated to move their teams forward and to prepare for what’s next in customer support. There are no easy answers in leadership. See how different companies solve problems similar to yours.

  • People who are curious about a career in customer support. Feel welcome in an inclusive environment to learn how people in support are building their careers, and see if a career in support is right for you.

  • People who support diversity and inclusion in customer support. Diversity and inclusion benefits all of us and this is a place to share and learn from each other’s experiences.

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